Snapped by Joe whilst setting up!
 All ready to go.
 Centre back: ‘Handle with Care’, June 2012. 
Front left: Red and pink ‘Bee’s Pods,’ April 2013.  
Far right: Colour graduation ‘Bees’ Pod Boxes,’ (contains 5 bees’ pods) April 2013.
 Left front and back: Orange and Pale Violet Graduations ‘Bees’ Nest’ wall sculptures, April 2013.  
Centre back: ‘Handle with Care’ small frames, November 2012.  
Centre front: Multi-coloured freestanding ‘Bees’ Pod Group’, April 2013.
 Chatting to visitors.

Just wanted to post some photos of my stand at the Amateur Entomologist’s Society Members’ Day and thanks to the organisers Dafydd Lewis, speakers and other stall holders for their great company and kind comments about the ‘Handle with Care’ and ‘Offerings to the Insects’ work I had on display.

This time I didn’t pluck up the courage to hold one of the stick insects, but I can see that if I am going to continue in the field of entomology I will have to face my insect handling fear head on!  Joe got full marks for handling and identifying British slugs during the morning workshop.  Now there’s a creature I can not hold!

2 thoughts on “27th April Amateur Entomologist’s Society Members’ Day, MShed, Bristol

  1. Hey Amy. Great to see the AES AGM photos!! I had such fun that day! You will be pleased to know that my Indian stick insects are coming everywhere with me. At the mo’ they are at Slimbridge Wetlands Trust, where I am their Artist in Residence over the Summer months. If you are ever close to Junc 14 of the M5, pop by and come and say hi to them…and me….and maybe have a hold?? See you soon. Good luck with all of your ceramics ventures!! All the best, Cath

  2. Great news about the residency at Slimbridge Wetlands Trust. I definitely need to have a go at holding those ‘stickies’. Love insects, but holding them is still a bit iffy! Thanks for the lovely wishes. New Designers is only 2 1/2 weeks away now!

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